Proof runs November 1 – 17, at The Dukesbay Theater. Proof by David Auburn – Directed by Randy Clark

A brilliant mathematician falls into mental illness, prompting his college-aged daughter to drop everything and become his caregiver. Having given up her education, social life and much of her youth, Catherine must now fight to reclaim her life after giving so much to her father. Can she find herself in love, family and, oddly enough, mathematics?

Proof is the story of Catherine and her search for her own life and her own brilliance following her father’s death. Having been the daughter of a genius who was also mad, Catherine fears that she, too, might be brilliant but mad. Proof is a thoughtful tale of finding romance, connecting with family, and nurturing your own brand of genius.


Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2pm Tickets: $15 Online Tickets available at this link Admission includes your choice of coffee, tea and an assortment of cookies.